Dhiraj Singh: Video Biographer


“My name is Dechen.”

Watch this touching video done by Dhiraj Singh.

He did an interesting thing: A Video Biograph.

In a way, all Visual Journalists who do stories on people, are doing “biography,” but with the addition of audio, where the subject can speak for themselves (edited, of course), where the image-maker can animate the images and drive the viewer’s emotions, the subject of the story becomes more “alive,” the depth is ratcheted up, and, potentially, the medium is beginning to resolve the age old struggle of photojournalism: Who’s viewpoint is this about? The subject’s or the photographer’s?

Additionally, Singh a certified “Photojournalist,” has given us an insight into the new photojournalism, work not aimed at the traditional print media of newspapers and magazine, but the rather more fluid world of the Web where Photojournalism has become Multimedia Visual Journalism.

In this world, the Visual Journalist is freer, and animated and audible. The new Visual Journalism is animated and speaks.¬† We are, after a long online journey (its been coming for a decade) at the beginning of the era of Multimedia (post paper), and, it’s experimental and exciting and like all movements that break with the past, wild and “wooly,” and a little messy on the edges and incredibly sublime.

Go with Mr. Singh into the lyrical and disturning world of Deschen, a woman who “…can hear my dead father’s voice,” who is “…being haunted by a spirit.”

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