Photograph by Robert Frank, Florida, 1958

This eye has been 0n America for a long time now.

We think we’ve been watching the world through it but, in reality, it has not only been watching us, but sucking us into its world of fantasy and deceit.

Robert Frank came to America and decided he’d put his camera’s eye on us. He pointed out our warts and flaws. He ruthlessly avoid our strengths and blessings. He sneered. He wagged his visual finger. We bought it.

It sold.

Problem is, Mr. Frank, you can turn it off. You can turn it all off. Are we now at a place after 70 years that kick the habit, that we challenge the entire concept of seeing the world through producers’ eyes? Or have we merely replaced this glass monster big screen no man’s land with the small screen no man’s land (and worse)? The end game of unrelenting self examination is unrelenting depression. Has anyone ever suggested that we ruthless examine ourselves for our “pluses?”

Me thinks.

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