Evgen Bavcar: The Blind Photographer


Self portrait by Evegen Bavcar

Photography has always been thought about as “another,” way of seeing.

And it is.

But, usually, we think about that as a person looking through the camera, seeing what’s there, and, through the magic of the camera and the film -or digital- capture process, one sees the world in different way.

More advanced photographers and appreciators of photography then allow for the transformative recognition of the quality and angle of light, of the Decisive Moment, of the power of distance to subject or, even, luck or magic.

It is this latter idea that infuses the work of Evgen Bavcar ((“E-oo-gen Ba-oo-char”), the Slovenian photographer is completely blind, completely eccentric and his images are totally wonderful.

He “sees,” in another way than more conventional photographers are able to do. He feels out his subjects- and nails the very heart of his subjects, as if eyes, alone, are not the penultimate translator¬† of the visual world.

His work is direct, from subject to camera to heart (and mind).

Look at Bavcar’s work and be prepared for a surprise and for some terrific images.

SEE: http://www.zonezero.com/exposiciones/fotografos/bavcar/index.html#

(Work re-posted from www.zonezero.com).




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