Dhiraj Singh: The (New) Eyes Of India


From “Six Feet Under,” ©2009Dhiraj Singh

For more work by Dhiraj Singh, SEE: http://www.dhirajsingh.com/01.htm

Dhiraj Singh is a Photojournalist who lives in Mumbai, India. His work has been published in numerous international magazines and online journals, including Newsweek, Vanity Fair, msnbc.com, The Wall Street Journal, L’Expresso, and, many others. He has won numerous awards (see his “bio,” on his site, above) and participated in many exhibitions. His pictures of the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008 were part of the prestigious group exhibition titled, ‘Bearing Witness’ held in Mumbai in 2009.

Documentaryshooters is honored to have permission to publish Mr. Singh’s work. We feel he has the insights and skills to show India as it is, depicting its greatness and its struggles, its deep and ancient soul as well as its modern and energetic heart. He, as no other photographer has, since, the great Raghu Rai’s seminal work of the 1970’s, ’80’s and 90’s, not only shows India and the sub continent, he makes us feel it.

His work is dark yet colorful and pops from edge frame to edge frame with energy. One can see his technique -flash, wide angle, long exposures, flash pops and shutter drags, powerful color-  but his work is also classic, straight, clean and involved. One is dragged into the action of his frame, dead center into people’s faces, into the energy of his subjects, down in there, in the core, deep into the reality and the poetry, in the image. There, you will find Dhiraj Singh.

Singh is a participant who leaves artifacts. He gives back to what he takes. The darkness of his photographs -like W. Eugene Smith’s- make the highlights a thing of beauty and desire and the contrast found in between sting like a needle, cutting to our own humanity, no matter how far buried or hidden.

India has new Eyes!

Dhiraj Singh.

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