Documentary Shooters started as a desire to show my own work.

I have worked as a documentary photographer for many years -since the late 1960s- and wanted to show my work and put it into the context of the era I am living in.

But the more I researched the topic of documentary photography the more I became overwhelmed at how deep and how important a tradition documentary photography is. It has been going on from almost Day One of photography and it is a constant branch of photography that has never lost sight of its own implied mission: to show the world in a deep and meaningful way with a special nod toward social reform.

Technologies have changed, means of image delivery has changed and destination for displaying the work accomplished has changed but documentary photography has remained constant.

As I moved along in building this site I realized I was a small digit in this great tradition and that what I really wanted to do was to display the most interesting and best documentary work, historic and contemporary. Thus, the mission of documentary shooters.com was discovered and launched.

I want to thank each and every photographer, living or dead, who appears on these pages. Documentary work takes commitment, perseverance, and, in the end, a passion for the subject. Sometimes it’s dangerous, sometimes it’s pure pleasure but always it takes obsession by the photography.

In a way, this site celebrates that obsession. We all are its beneficiaries.

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